Housing Market Analysis As of September 28, 2011 - GLAR

by qchriseg 28. September 2011 06:42



Housing Market Analysis
As of September 28, 2011

Anchrg/Glenview/Lyndn/Prospect 769 $384,272 $249,500
Auburndale/Fairdale/Iroquois Prk/Shively 614 $145,181 $105,000
Buechel/Highview/Okolona/FernCreek 995 $138,397 $119,900
Bullitt Co 1003 $132,052 $108,500
Butchertwn/Highlands/Germantwn 560 $250,565 $172,450
Carroll Co 77 $143,692 $128,500
Central Downtown District/Old L-Ville/Butchertown 133 $245,017 $169,500
Clifton/Crescent Hill/St Matthews 479 $307,536 $219,900
DglasHls/Hurstbrn/Mdltwn/Anchrg/StMatt 816 $326,483 $249,000
Dtown/Old Lou./Shively/West Lou/Butchertwn 673 $74,656 $54,900
FernCreek/Hikes Point/Jeffersontown 914 $210,879 $149,950
Hardin Co 622 $156,057 $129,900
Hart/LaRue Counties 126 $101,284 $49,000
Henry Co 322 $159,144 $102,413
Indiana 146 $242,018 $158,900
Meade Co 194 $125,893 $119,900
Nelson Co 483 $127,886 $97,500
Oldham Co N-I71 578 $345,949 $212,450
Oldham Co S-I71 597 $192,299 $99,900
Other Counties 671 $138,129 $75,000
Other States 0 $0 $0
Pleasure Ridge/Valley Station/Shively 490 $107,072 $104,975
Shelby Co 813 $294,061 $160,000
Spencer Co 473 $130,761 $43,800
Trimble Co 112 $246,204 $139,900
Washington/Marion Counties 29 $288,272 $99,999



Are You in Danger of Foreclosure?

by The Eagans 2. August 2011 07:49

Are You In Danger of Foreclosure?

Do you want to sell and sell fast?

There is NO REASON to give your home back to the bank

unless it is on YOUR TERMS!

We specialize in assisting property owners that are facing foreclosure and have a VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE in working out solutions to getting homes sold and avoiding foreclosure altogether.

Our program works regardless if you have equity or not. 

  1. If you have enough equity in your home, we may sell your home at a discounted fee to facilitate a closing.
  2. If you DO NOT have equity in your home, our specialized negotiators will negotiate with the bank with and inform them that they need to accept less money than is owed on the mortgage. The property will be SOLD and the bank will pay our commission. This will preclude a foreclosure from being on your credit report for 10 years. In most cases, you will not owe the bank any fees for deficiencies or losses that they have incurred. 

If we do sell your home, and you would like to purchase another home immediately, I have options!

I implore you to contact me directly TODAY, Chris Eagan, at 502-649-8381, or by completing the form TODAY for a FREE professional, confidential and courteous consultation. I will explain your basic rights, detail your options and provide you with possible solutions. The longer we wait the more difficult it will be to negotiate with the bank.

Happy 4th of July!

by The Eagans 3. July 2011 12:10

Our moist recent client and their story:




Be safe and have a great weekend!



First Day of Summer

by qchriseg 22. June 2011 09:28

I have just turned 40, and not it's the first day of summer.  What a weekend!

We are still keeping steady with our inventory flow (helping others with buying and selling) for the Eagan Team.

Stay tuned for our new listing announcements-

In the meantime, here is what our clients have to say:



:) Allison Scott-Eagan


Look in the mirror

by The Eagans 16. June 2011 16:59

You can control your own destiny.  You are not stuck where you are, unless you say you are stuck, stuck in your mental box.

Stand up.

It is you, that you must face in the mirror the next morning.

It is also ok to accept that you stood up for your rights, your beliefs...therefore you win for you, regardless if the other side dominates the situation.

You become the wiser.  It helps you, helps others,

Stand up.

Embrace change.

Predict more.  Believe in more.  Breathe.

It will come to you.


It is you, that you must face in the mirror the next morning.

Stand up.


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Our latest home video tour (stylish and artistic)

by qchriseg 15. June 2011 15:51


Learning how to embed in this particular blog :)

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Tudors and Castles among us

by qchriseg 14. June 2011 18:47

It has been a few years since we have lived in a Victorian home.  Now we live in a 1915 Arts and Crafts Bungalow....very close to Old Louisville. 

For a combined total of 25 years we have been living in, selling or helping others buy these incredible pieces of architecture.  Louisville has so many of them, preserved with all their historic charm.

- Old Louisville is full of these gems-and some are for sale at the moment.  We love these homes, and specialize in the knowledge of where to point to when you have specific needs in taking care of them. Contact us for renovation contractor recommendations, or a home market analysis to sell your home, or a list of homes about to be listed for sale, or ones that are already available to buy, in the Old Louisville area.


The Highlands, and Cherokee Triangle have a lot to offer in the way of victorians, as well as more arts and crafts, as well as tudors, etc.

Contact us to find which of these beautiful homes is coming up for sale, which ones are available on the market now.  If you are needing a home market analysis of your Cherokee/Highlands Home, we can help


Then there is Clifton and Crescent Hill....the list is plentiful!


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Why They Are Saying to Buy A Home Now

by The Eagans 14. June 2011 08:19

Why They Are Saying to Buy A Home Now

by The KCM Crew on June 14, 2011 · 

Despite what appears to be a non-stop wave of tough news regarding real estate, four major media players have come out this month with the same advice: It Is Time to Buy a Home! Here are the four articles and a breakdown as to why the advice makes sense.

The Wall Street Journal: Why It’s Time to Buy

CBS Money Watch: Why the Time to Buy is Now

Forbes Magazine: 9 Reasons to Buy a House Now

National Public Radio: For Many, It’s Still a Good Time to Buy a Home

With prices continuing to depreciate in most regions of the country, some may wonder why these four entities are suggesting to their readership that now is the time to buy. Each organization realizes that PRICE is not as important as COST. The cost of a home can go up even if prices continue to fall. Unless you are an all cash buyer, you must take into consideration the expense of mortgaging when calculating the full cost of a home. Here is some information to consider.

Interest Rates

Currently, interest rates sit at historic lows. However, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, PMI and the National Association of Realtors are all projecting approximately a 1% increase in mortgage rates over the next year. A one percent increase in rate negates a ten percent fall in prices.

Lending Standards

The government has proposed a tightening of lending standards called Quality Residential Mortgage (QRM). If accepted as proposed two things will happen:

  1. The qualification process for loans will become more difficult
  2. The cost of a loan will increase

Bottom Line

There is a reason more and more financial organizations are suggesting to their followers that now is the time to buy a home: because the cost of purchasing a home is about to increase (even if prices continue to fall).

Double Dip??

by qchriseg 13. June 2011 20:21


Recession shapes

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Recession shapes are used by economists to describe different types of recessions. There is no specific academic theory or classification system for recession shapes; rather the terminology is used as an informal shorthand to characterize recessions and their recoveries.[1]

The most commonly used terms are V-shaped, U-shaped, W-shaped, and L-shaped recessions. The shapes take their names from the approximate shape economic data make in graphs during recessions. The letters can also be applied referring to the recoveries (ie "V-shaped recovery").


A W-shaped recession or "double dip" recession, occurs when the economy has a recession, emerges from the recession with a short period of growth, but quickly falls back into recession.

The early 1980s recession in the United States is cited as an example of a W-shaped recession. The National Bureau of Economic Research considers two recessions to have occurred in the early 1980s.[4] The economy fell into recession from January 1980 to July 1980, shrinking at an 8 percent annual rate from April to June of 1980. The economy then entered a quick period of growth, and in the first three months of 1981 grew at an 8.4 percent annual rate. As the Federal Reserve under Paul Volcker raised interest rates to fight inflation, the economy dipped back into recession (hence, the "double dip") from July 1981 to November 1982. The economy then entered a period of mostly robust growth for the rest of the decade.

Now you know....

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Rates starting to move up a little -

by The Eagans 8. June 2011 09:04

We have heard through the grapevine that the interest rates are beginnning to go up a bit....which means that if you are thinking of purchasing a home, or if you know of anyone purchasing a home, it would be in your best interests to get your home hunting, and loan process started.


We have been listing more homes in Germantown lately- one in particular at 1115 Mulberry has excellent flow and original character, while the other one at 941 Shelby Pkwy has amazing updates and pics-a really fun house. 


Check out the photos in our listing page: http://eagans.com/silver_listings.asp


Also feel free to use are awesome MLS search:  http://www.theeagans.remax-kentucky.com/remaxky/modules/team/team.asp?p=findahome.asp&page=search&selected=qck&mode=N


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